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“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”

-Reid Hoffman

Through collaboration and striving for growth and connection, our clients evolve in ways far beyond what is possible through individualistic pursuits.

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Our team is focused on transformational relationships as opposed to transactional relationships.

Through transformational relationships, we believe in giving more than we take. There is an abundance mindset and an openness to novelty and growth.

The right relationship will prove to be an investment into your future.

The wrong relationship will be a cost.

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  • Alex Ho
    Alex Ho works with Transformational Finances clients with both their individual and business accounting needs. He is a Senior Tax Manager with Marcum LLP, a national CPA firm, focusing on tax consulting and strategic planning for high-net-worth individuals...
  • Thach Nguyen
    Residential Real Estate Investments
    Thach works with Transformational Finances clients that are especially aggressive in building their residential real estate portfolio. He is the CEO & Founder of Thach Real Estate Group, a Seattle-based real estate company. As a broker, Thach and his ...
  • Danny Chhan
    Real Estate Broker
    Danny Chhan works with many Transformational Finances clients with their residential real estate brokerage needs. He has been one of the top real estate brokers by production in Los Angeles and Ventura County for over 10 years. His group Aviara Real Estate...
  • Ron Coleman
    Career Advisor
    Ron Coleman consults with Transformational Finances clients with job and career transitioning that aims to meet their professional and financial goals. In a short time, he built a name for himself in the world of technology recruiting, filling thousands of...
  • Gerald Kwon
    Higher Education Advisor
    Gerald works with Transformational Finances clients in developing educational plans for their children. He is the founder of the Bright Mind, a private educational services company based in La Canada, CA. Developing the right educational path for one’s c...
  • Alex Metaxas
    Commercial Real Estate Investments
    Alex works with Transformational Finances clients whose goals include investments in commercial real estate. As a senior vice president at Realty Investment Advisors, Alex specializes in working with investors of multi-family homes and apartments in areas ...