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Our Philosophy
What in your life matters to you?
What should matter more, and what should matter less?

Personal finances entail so much more than numbers – it is as much art as it is science. Regardless of financial sophistication, everyone has the same worries about the future. Transformational Finances works with clients in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, CA, throughout Orange County, and across the US to help them take a diligent, holistic approach to wealth management.

Does your financial plan reflect your values?
We do more than financial advice, we help our clients take a holistic approach to their finances to develop strategic wealth management for achieving their dreams.

Michael Nguyen is a Financial Advisor at The Pacific Bridge Companies. He advises high net worth and aspiring high net worth families in all areas of wealth management. Through his work, he realized our personal and financial lives directly affect each other, whether we are aware of it or not.

Our philosophy at Transformational Finances is that there's no success in life without a strong, adaptable financial plan. Financial success in itself cannot be measured separately from the context of one’s personal life.

We believe having control of our lives is a journey, not a destination — it requires an ongoing alignment of our unique goals and values with our financial decisions. These beliefs are at the core of our holistic approach to wealth management.

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What our clients say
What some recent clients say about their experience with Transformational Finances

Let's make your dreams a reality
We'll help you make actionable plans to achieve your goals.
Michael Nguyen